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Swiss Ball Workout DVD
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Swiss Ball Workout DVD

Price per Unit (Program): £8.99

Price: £8.99 - DVD

The Swiss Ball is a uniquely effective and great value piece of exercise equipment. Because the Swiss Ball creates an unstable environment for your body, it works multiple muscles at one time while forcing your body to balance itself.

The 'Ultimate Swiss Ball Workout' gives you two great half-hour workouts for use with the Swiss Ball, which focus on firming up critical core and abdominal muscles, improving all over strength and stability, toning-up and losing weight.

The exercises in each workout are different, and the workouts get progressively harder, challenging both your body and your mind!


Here are some of the benefits of our 'Ultimate Swiss Ball Workout':

Targets critical core muscles - the belt of muscles running around your middle. A strong core supports your spine, giving you great posture, and sucks in your stomach, giving you a waist, making you look thinner and defining your figure.

  • Reduces fat, particularly around your middle
  • Tones bottoms and thighs
  • Strengthens your lower back, helping reduce back problems.
  • Promotes balance, strength, stability and co-ordination - this will improve your ability to perform day to day physical activities and your performance in most sports
  • Improves respiration and lung capacity. Your transversus abdomens is directly connected to the diaphragm so a strong 'middle' will enable improved breathing and oxygen flow to the body
As a result of these workouts you will feel stronger, more balanced and more confident.  Your stomach will be flatter with a more defined waist, you will look and feel slimmer and your posture will improve.  Your spine will be better supported, reducing back pain.  You will have more inner strength and stability and should perform better at your chosen sport.



Key Features
  • Highly effective workout
  • Designed by experts to get outstanding results fast
  • Two separate workouts to surprise body and mind
  • Different exercises in each workout
  • Workouts increase in level of challenge
  • Total running time - 50 minutes




In Stock: 999


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